My friend, quilter and artist Cathy Fussell has created a beautiful topographicalCathy Fussell "Snake Shoals on the Chattahoochee River," quilt, 2018 quilt of the land I have been researching where my 4-greats grandfather James Boykin (1792-1846) had a plantation on the Chattahoochee River, in present-day Stewart County, Ga., with adjoining lands in Russell County, Ala. The 52 x 47-inch cotton quilt titled, “Snake Shoals on the Chattahoochee,” will be raffled off to raise money for the Chattahoochee River Conservancy.

The quilt depicts the “doubling of the river” that William Bartram described in his tour through the area. The region is where Muscogee Creek, Hitchitee, and Yuchi Indians lived and farmed in towns such as Cheauhoochee, Tolowarthlocko, Hitchiti, and Osucha into the early 1800s. By 1829, James Boykin began acquiring land on the Georgia side of the river. In 1834, he began buying allotments from Creek Indians directly across the river on the Alabama side. His brother, Dr. Samuel Boykin (1786-1848), later took over ownership of the Alabama sections as well as the plantation and some of the tracts on the Georgia side.

Read Cathy Fussell’s blogpost about her process and more about the history of the land, and buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win her beautiful quilt when they go on sale August 16! More information about the quilt and the raffle is found at the Chattahoochee River Conservancy website.